Terraform Crash Course: Premium by Michael Crilly

Terraform Crash Course: Premium

This is the premium version of the crash course, providing additional tips and tricks, PDFs of each video for those who like written content,exercises to put your mind to and quizzes to check your understanding.

What's included?

Video Icon 15 videos File Icon 7 files Text Icon 9 text files


2 mins
About this course
Discord Community
Terraform Example Code
Recommended Software
What you can Skip
When to "terraform apply"
Visual Studio Code
The Basics
Getting Ready for AWS
81.9 KB
AWS Provider, State, and Validation
3 mins
Creating an AWS VPC Resource
2 mins
Terraform Plan & Apply
2 mins
58.3 KB
Apply and Plan
53.9 KB
Remote State and Locking
74.2 KB
Check Your Understanding
The Building Blocks
Syntax, Resource Attributes and Internet Gateway
2 mins
HashiCorp Configuration Language Syntax
85.6 KB
AWS Subnet (optional)
4 mins
AWS Route Table (optional)
3 mins
AWS Network Access Control List (optional)
1 min
AWS Security Group (optional)
1 min
AWS Elastic IP and Explicit Dependencies
2 mins
Explicit Dependencies
57.8 KB
AWS (SSH) Keypair (optional)
1 min
Check Your Understanding
Final Steps
AWS AMI ID using a Data Block
2 mins
AWS EC2 Instance and Explicit Dependency
2 mins
Creating an Output and Seeing the Results
3 mins
Terraform Destroy and some Final Thoughts
3 mins
Check Your Understanding