Packer Crash Course by Michael Crilly

Packer Crash Course

Producing golden images for our virtual machines has never been easier! Packer will allow you to produce AMIs, Digital Ocean Images, and more. And all "As Code", too!

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My Discord server is the perfect place to ask any questions you might have about Terraform, Ansible or general DevOps and CloudOps.

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What's included?

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What is Packer?
Welcome and Hello
1 min
What is Packer?
4 mins
What problems does it solve?
6 mins
Useful Links
Installing Packer
2 mins
Installing Packer on Linux
4 mins
Installing Packer on Windows 10
3 mins
Other things that need setting up
3 mins
The Basics
Our first Packer run
8 mins
Running our Basic Template
10 mins
An example Packer run with an error!
2 mins
Improving our Basic Template
4 mins
Provisioners, Post Processors and Variables
Adding an Ansible Provisioner
8 mins
Provisioner Documentation
Fixing a race condition with our provisioner!
4 mins
A simple Post Processor
4 mins
Post Processor Documentation
4 mins
Variable Documentation
The Packer Templating Engine
5 mins
Templating Documentation
Closing Statement
Thank you! :-)
2 mins