Cloud Coach Supporters by Michael Crilly

Cloud Coach Supporters

When I was studying on my own I found it difficult to focus and stay motivated. Having someone at my side to keep me accountable and on the right path would have accelerated my career ten fold.

I want to be that person at your side.

The Mentee (that's you)

No more studying alone. No more wondering where or whom you can turn to to find answers to your technical problems or career questions. And no more letting procrastination get the better of your schedule and your future.

The Mentee subscription will have you learning new skills and technologies weekly. You'll stay focused on your own personalised curriculum. You'll have objectives and goals to meet that will challenge your technical capabilities. And you'll be kept accountable on a weekly basis for the amount of studying you do (or don't do.)

This is the option for serious students with a serious desire to learn more, earn more, and get more out of life.
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The Student

This is for those of you who not only want to say thank you, but also get involved with a community of like minded individuals who want to learn new skills and technologies. This is also an opportunity to help drive the decisions about future content, both free and premium.
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The Tip Jar

I've put a lot of work into the free content provided on this site. This membership option is a simple way of saying thank you and supporting the production of future content that will always remain free.
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The Path Finder

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$200 / year (save 17%)
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