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December 15, 2019
Hello there!

So recently I decided to give live streaming a try. I figured if I can bring you prerecorded content then let's see if I can bring you live content. And it's working well so far (so I'm told) but I'd like you feedback...

The stream is live Sunday, Monday and Wednesday at 1800 AEST. This means it'll be quite early in the morning for US viewers, but don't worry the VODs (Video on Demand) will be available on Twitch for 14 days.

For the first season of the stream I'm going to be building out a simple highly available static website network in AWS using Terraform, Ansible, Packer and GitLab. We'll eventually build everything out and include a CI/CD pipeline for auto-updating infrastructure :-)

Any and all feedback is welcome, so bring it on!

See you there (


The Cloud Coach.
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