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September 25, 2019
Welcome fella CloudOps!

So creating content takes time and effort. You know this. And as much I absolutely love creating video content and doing live streams, some content is so intensive on my time that I can only make it accessible to VIPs.

That's why I've created the VIP membership option. Besides gaining access to additional content, private sections of our Discord community and getting access to our bi-weekly "Fireside Chats", you'll also be helping to support the creation of free content, too. It'll will help keep the community alive. Thanks a bunch!

After a successful signup VIPs gain access to additional weekly, fortnightly and monthly content, including:

* Blog posts on various technologies, topics and tricks/tips
* A bi-weekly newsletter on our technologies of choice
* New video content well before it hits YouTube (if it hits YouTube)

They also get exclusive access to a private, curated, professional section of our Discord community. This is a place for VIPs to engage in thoughtful conversation with other VIPs and like-minded professionals. 

VIPs are also invited to join us for a bi-weekly fire-side chat were we discuss a hot topic and provide our views and insights. It's a bit like a podcast, but live!

If you're interesting in supporting the community, the creation of free content and joining an exclusive circle of professionals, then signup to the VIP membership option.

Thanks for reading! Speak soon.
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