Becoming a DevOps Engineer isn't easy

There are loads of technologies and tools available and it's impossible to know which ones are the correct choices. On top of that how do you combine those technologies and tools together in a way that solves real world problems? And how do you automate it all?

I've created a community for people who want to focus their efforts on learning the right technologies, the right tools, the correct methods, all while getting to grips with what real businesses want from a seasoned DevOps Engineer who can automate virtually anything.
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Who made this?

My name is Michael Crilly and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I've been developing Cloud based solutions for nearly 10 years. I've built solutions for start-ups, SMEs, enterprises and governments. I love teaching other people what I know, sharing knowledge and skills; and I love helping other people become more than they are today. That's why I've created this site: to share my knowledge, help people grow and mentor anyone who wants it onto a better career path.